Book: Warning

Chapter One – Who I am and why I’m here

Today we live in a strange world where everything moves fast, and people change day in and day out. Technology is at its best. The minority is having a hard time coping with it and the majority is rolling with the internet. It is a new world we live in today and like it or not, the decisions of few people are affecting many to the highest level and it is one that the world has never experienced.

  • Is there anyone else concerned?
  • Where are we heading as the world’s community?
  • How far will we go and what is the meaning of it all?
  • Is there a turning point or did we reach a no return zone?

Those are the questions that pop into my head every time that I take a look at what is going on in the world. The greed of the people of the earth has reached its highest in history. To these greedy folks, the human life does not matter as their money matter

Book: Warning

s more. The rich folks are investing and fabricating robots that are taking away the people’s jobs and are responsible for many others. The love has turned cold for many. To them it is all about making the most money that they can get by cheating the other guy, who in many cases is the helpless guy. Governments across the world are so busy cranking up their GDP each year, encouraging those greedy entrepreneurs. For without their taxes those governments will crumble. This has presented such an opportunity to these rich folks to play a key role in the regulations of the government. The very same governments which end up favoring the rich and oppressing the poor.

What shall we then say or do?

I go by the name of Minister AL. I am an author, but most importantly I am a child of God. I have been blessed enough with this gift of writing from the above and I also have so much to share with you all out there. For those who have never heard about me please visit our website at min

Book: Warning

My purpose in writing this book is to warn people of what is happening and what is about to happen. It is to share what was given to me from above so that those who can will listen carefully. Enough said. Let us jump right into it.

This book was written in May and June of 2020. As many out there know, the world is currently dealing with a strong and deadly virus called COVID-19, frequently referred to as the coronavirus. Never in my lifetime have I ever witnessed such a thing as this where the world has been put on pause, nor have I ever heard of it in the history of the world. This makes me think and wonder what it all means? What should we make of it or learn from it? Stay tuned.

I was born in a small village in the Republic of Burundi. I grew up just as many kids did during that time in the mid-80s. I remember my mom used to take us to a protestant church every Sunday. I remember seeing her listening to gospel songs. I grew up attending church every Sund

Book: Warning

ay, although I did not know what it meant or the purpose of it all. My mom went, and therefore so did I. Growing up as a teenager I did not attend church as much as before. I grew up being myself, and I thought that going to church was always my mom’s choice and not my own, for she had not done a good job of explaining to me why I needed to go to church and the advantages it gave me.

As a teenager I lived my life to please myself. I guess you could classify me as a sinner. Going forward I lost my father when I was 21 years old. I had no choice but to take over his little mechanic shop and take care of my mom who was sick of diabetes. All my siblings were living in Europe at the time and I was the only one in Africa with my mom. In my life I gave myself what I wanted and enjoyed life. I did not practice my faith whatsoever, regardless of the effort that my mom had put in for us to show up at church.

I immigrated to Canada a few years later. My life went on just any other C

Book: Warning

anadian. I worked hard to improve my life as a young man. I worked in the oilfield and ended up starting my own logging company. In the meantime, my mom had passed away while I was still working in the oilfield. The cause of death was cancer.

I faced a lot of challenges as an entrepreneur due to the lack of experience and cash flow to keep my business running. This made me take out loan after loan until I could not keep up with the payment and defaulted on them. Life took me back to Africa where I had an opportunity to spend time with God that I normally would not get while I was living in North America.

Within a year or so, my life took a turn and I was saved. I was baptized both in water and in spirit. God began to talk to me from there. He began to reveal to me who I was in Him and the plans that He had for me. Even though God talked to me using prophets and dreams I still did not see it through what he was saying, for everything in me made me ask myself why would God do all

Book: Warning

these great things for me when I did not live a righteous life my entire life. The world had taught me that nothing comes to you for free and that you have to earn it and work hard for it.

I did not understand why God was being nice to me when I did not do anything good to Him. As time went by through God’s grace, I kept on listening to the word of God and prayed quite often. Little by little my life began to change in a positive way, though not financially as many of you might think. At least, not yet.

God continued to express his love for me, although I did not quite understand it. It felt good and I was enjoying it. One of the things that kept me going was the fact that my stress levels went down during the period that I started practicing my faith and spending more time with God, and not just during Sunday service.

I remember back in those days where I used to own a logging truck. I used to drive my truck during the day and give it to my driver during the nig

Book: Warning

ht. But still, I could not sleep during the nights. I kept looking at my phone thinking that the driver would call me and tell me that the truck broke down, and it surely did many times. I remember not turning on my phone for fear that those companies I owed would call me asking for the payments that I did not have. I remember not having peace whatsoever. It was just a stressful life.

When I finally gave up my old business and took the time to go to Africa, God manifested my life and the peace in my heart was worth more than ten logging trucks. Through that peace I began enjoying myself to the point that I never had before. I was always happy. As time continued to fly by, I realized that all the joy, peace, and good times came from spending more time with God, and that kept me at it.